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Mike Hoogveld


Based on my expertise I use a bespoke approach to address customer-related issues. Participants evaluate me as a very passionate expert who knows how to involve his audience in an inspiring, interactive and energetic way.

Here are some examples of topics for keynotes, masterclasses and workshops I frequently host:

Adapt or die
Make your organization smart, fast and flexible by deploying agile management

Building bridges

Connect the islands of marketing, sales and customer service: 'customer centric' co-operation for maximum customer value


Revenge of the nerds

Why and how beta and IT people enrich your business' DNA


The customer hearing device
Actions speak louder than words: the how and why of analyzing 'voice of the customer' sources


Winner in tomorrow's market

'Blue ocean' strategy, continuous improvement, innovation and co-creation for competitive customer value propositions 


Choose to be chosen

Market definition and segmentation, target segment selection, personas and profiling


Panama, Suez and other channels

About changing customer behavior, omnichannel management, customer journey experiences and your content strategy


Tom measure is to know

Customer value, accountability, goals, KPI's, measurement and analysis for maximum ROI on your customer processes

For bookings please contact me directly or through my secretariat. See the 'Contact' section for contact details.

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