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Agile Management


An environment that is changing ever faster and deeper. Markets becoming more dynamic and complex. Competitor and customer behaviour is increasingly unpredictable. These developments are affecting all organizations. Whoever wants to survive in the future, needs to adapt with lightning speed. An increasing number of organizations recognizes that traditional ways of working are no longer adequate. They lack agility. This book shows what we can learn from smart startups and other successful, innovative organizations. Using academic insights and practical examples, it describes how to make your organization responsive by focusing on continuous improvement. Thus, it gives a very concrete answer to the crucial question with which so many organizations are struggling: how do we increase our agility? The book includes an Agile Assessment, to determine the agility of your organization.

The number 1 bestseller in the Netherlands, nominated for Management-book of the Year. See below for reader reviews.

Praise for Agile Management:


Good balance between theory and practice. Clearly written book, offering tools to get to work. - Frankwatching

Innovative, inspiring and practical. Gives a clear picture. And the author's bright and humorous pen increases the pleasure of reading it: 5 stars. - Customer Talk

The author has succeeded to explain in a practical and clear way how an organisation can quickly become agile. Four stars: highly recommended. - Tijdschrift voor Marketing

In our eyes Hoogveld has written the new standard work for Agile management, including examples and
tips to increase the organization's agility. A must read! - PRIOM

Clearly written book. Good guide for managers. Direct style of writing, characterized by authority and
humor at the same time. - Robert Buisman


The book is timely and relevant. It contains many theories, models, research, history trips, sport parallels and appealing practical examples. - Sjors van Leeuwen


A must for anyone who wants to implement business agility in his organization by using head, heart and hands. A book that guides you on your path to agility from both theory and practice. - Henny Portman


Highly recommended. Clear structure and good examples. - Tim Aarts


Cleverly written and educational book. - Simon Bos

Very accessible and usable. - Else Kap

Good book. Highly enjoyed reading it. - Marit Merkus


Interesting self assessment! - Ben Linders


Praise for previous books:


Very readable and not-to-be-missed book. It is just wonderful when an author knows how to wrap useful information in a readable, concise piece of text. - Ellis Buis


He describes it just so you can actually do something with it. - Eric van Aarendonk


Hoogveld's wau of writing is very accessible. It enables you to directly apply the theory in practice. A genuine must-read! - Pieter Paul van Oerle

Excellent book, highly recommended. - Johan Bel

A must-read for every modern marketeer! - Wil Wurtz

Invaluable reference! - Akin Arikan







The excellent customer journey experience - Mike Hoogveld


It continues to get tougher for executives in marketing, sales and service. Their departments refuse to cooperate with one another while the market is changing rapidly. The number of channels for communication and distribution continues to increase due to the on-going advances in digitalisation. Customers and prospects use increasing numbers of these channels in all imaginable combinations during their orientation, purchase and use process. Furthermore, unexpected competitors, who are masters at the channel game, are entering the market. The only solution is to implement an integrated omnichannel operation whereby the strategy, structures, processes and systems are seamlessly aligned. For most organisations this presents an enormous challenge. ‘The Excellent Customer Journey Experience’ describes in a practical way how an omnichannel approach can be optimally implemented and managed. The method is based on scientific research supplemented by years of experience of the hard reality of marketing and sales practice. A must-read book for every director, executive and specialist in marketing, sales and service who wants to achieve a breakthrough to maximum ROI.

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