Mike Hoogveld (1973) is a partner at nlmtd, a consultancy focusing on creating future-proof organisations through strategy, innovation and transformation services. He graduated in Economics and Business Administration and is a certified Registered Marketer. As a PhD candidate, at Nyenrode Business University, he conducts research about the impact on customer performance of the use of agile processes within the business domain. Mike has published several articles and books, with nominations for the PIM Literature Prize and Management Book of the Year. He is internationally active as a guest lecturer at various universities and business schools. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars and within organizations.


In his working life, Mike's passion is to ensure, together with his clients, that they continually improve their performance for internal and external customers. By using agile principles to effect short and powerful transformations, Mike supports people within organizations to really think and see from the customer’s perspective and to foster their entrepreneurship. So their innovation power grows and the organization becomes ever faster and more agile.


Mike is an experienced dialogue partner for boards and management teams. Issues that clients often bring to him include:

  • Can you guide us to make the transformation to an agile organization?

  • Can you support us in the digital transformation of our organization?

  • Can you help us to increase customer focus in our organization?

  • Our people do not show enough initiative and entrepreneurship. How can we improve this?

  • Our product-development is much too slow. How do we increase our innovation power?

  • How can we achieve a Lean Startup within our existing organization?

  • Our organization must be faster and more flexible. How do we manage this?

  • We are not learning enough from our efforts and results. Will you help us to change that?

  • How do we get better insight into what out customers want and do? And how do we adapt to this?

  • How can we ensure better alignment between our marketing, sales and service teams and their channels?

  • IT and business are not working well together. How can we fix that?